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  • Helping world-class scientists to influence key environmental decisions
  • Helping scientists to communicate dynamically—via the growing power of social media—with journalists and the general public
  • Promoting and disseminating cutting-edge environmental research
  • Helping journalists to connect with leading environmental experts


  • ALERT is a unique kind of scientific organization—one that helps world-class researchers have a concerted, highly credible voice on key environmental issues
  • ALERT also helps journalists to connect with top scientists who can comment on environmental stories
  • ALERT is all about the environment
  • ALERT has no fees or donors
  • ALERT is designed to complement, rather than compete with, other scientific and environmental groups
  • With its simple structure, ALERT helps scientists react quickly to urgent environmental concerns


  •  By producing public statements and declarations, the elite scientists from ALERT can shine a spotlight on major environmental concerns
  • ALERT helps to inform the general public via press releases and social media ( Facebook and Twitter) 
  • ALERT also helps scientists to disseminate findings from cutting-edge environmental research to the public, journalists and other scientists

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