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Nightmare In New Guinea

The island of New Guinea — which sustains the third-largest tract of intact rainforest on the planet — is becoming the latest global deforestation nightmare. Long-protected from exploitation by its remoteness, steep terrain, and fiercely independent native peoples, the island is now rapidly losing forest to logging projects and palm oil development....


Fatal Fences Are Decimating Nature

Scientists have long known that isolation is a killer of nature. Organisms must be connected to others of their species – to maintain viable populations. Such connectivity allows species to limit inbreeding, maintain genetic diversity, withstand random demographic fluctuations, and recolonize areas from which they have gone locally extinct. Many species also...


Can Conservation Corridors Save Nature?

Ecosystems are being rapidly fragmented as the human footprint spreads across the Earth.  ALERT’s Mason Campbell, from James Cook University in Australia, tells us about a key initiative that might help nature to survive the onslaught. Humans are quickly chopping up the natural world, isolating wildlife populations and making them more prone...

Coal Harms Babies

How Coal Harms Babies, And Other Vital Eco-News

Want to live longer?  Have healthier children?  Save money? Here we paraphrase experts who explain why intact, healthy ecosystems are crucial not just for the natural world — but for our own health and financial security. To have healthier babies, shut down coal plants (by Brian Bienkowski in Environmental Health News) Babies...


Biofuel Bomb Is Decimating Nature

Malaysia and Indonesia are massive producers of palm oil, much of which is exported overseas. Oil palm is not only the biggest direct driver of deforestation and peat-swamp destruction in these nations but is a growing forest-killer elsewhere in the tropics — often in mega-diversity areas such as New Guinea, Equatorial Africa,...


Turbulent Times in the Amazon

Sometimes conservation controversies explode so fast in one place that it becomes almost white-hot. That’s what’s happening right now in the Amazon—with a cyclonic mix of good and bad news. We summarize here some of the key highlights. GOOD NEWS BIG NEW PARK First, Peru has just declared an expansive new national...

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