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Fatal Fences Are Decimating Nature

Scientists have long known that isolation is a killer of nature. Organisms must be connected to others of their species – to maintain viable populations. Such connectivity allows species to limit inbreeding, maintain genetic diversity, withstand random demographic fluctuations, and recolonize areas from which they have gone locally extinct. Many species also...

New Roads Are Devastating The Congo

New Roads Are Devastating The Congo

Three leading researchers in Africa — Eugene Dongmo, Louis Nkembi, and Arend de Haas — have produced a stunning picture of deforestation in the Congo Basin.  The Congo is one of the world’s great rainforests, second in size only to the Amazon. It harbors an incredible diversity of wildlife, including the critically...

Palm Oil in Africa

ALERT Debate: Palm Oil in Africa

ALERT’S first debate focused on the conservation of boreal forests.  For its second debate, two highly qualified teams—one with long-term expertise in Equatorial Africa, the other in Southeast Asia—lock horns over the vexing issue of oil palm.  The key question is this: Oil palm has advanced like a tsunami across tropical Asia,...

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