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Nightmare In New Guinea

The island of New Guinea — which sustains the third-largest tract of intact rainforest on the planet — is becoming the latest global deforestation nightmare. Long-protected from exploitation by its remoteness, steep terrain, and fiercely independent native peoples, the island is now rapidly losing forest to logging projects and palm oil development....


Biofuel Bomb Is Decimating Nature

Malaysia and Indonesia are massive producers of palm oil, much of which is exported overseas. Oil palm is not only the biggest direct driver of deforestation and peat-swamp destruction in these nations but is a growing forest-killer elsewhere in the tropics — often in mega-diversity areas such as New Guinea, Equatorial Africa,...

China's Massive Toll On The Planet

China’s Massive Toll On The Planet

China likes to paint itself as environmentally benign — a nation that, while rapidly growing economically, is promoting large-scale investments in solar and wind energy — which is true. China also likes to herald the fact that it has recently closed down its domestic sale of ivory, the huge demand for which...

Australian Wins Egg-Frying Contest For Trump

Australian Wins Egg-Frying Contest For Trump

In the midst of a blistering Australian heat wave, a university professor was declared the winner of ALERT’s outdoor egg-frying contest. ALERT—the Alliance of Leading Environmental Researchers and Thinkers—is an international scientific group that advocates for environmental sustainability. The tongue-in-cheek contest was being held to “eggsplain” climate change to U.S. President Donald...

Sabah's 'Bridge to Hell' and other Scary Eco-News from Asia

Sabah’s ‘Bridge to Hell’ and other Scary Eco-News from Asia

It’s getting scary in tropical Asia. Bridge to Hell For starters, the onslaught from Asia’s infrastructure explosion continues, with the latest blow being a controversial bridge that would cut into one of Malaysian Borneo’s most important protected areas, Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary. The 350-meter-long bridge, part of a much larger road network,...

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